What I’ve Brought To The Table Lately

I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes recently. One of the tastiest (and easiest) recipes has been fish tacos.

I didn’t come up with this masterpiece myself. I found it on food.com. This is one of my favorite web sites because you can try new things and see others’ comments after they’ve tried it themselves.

My favorite thing about these tacos is the sauce. It sounds too simple to be any good, but it really goes well with the taco seasoning.


I’m not crazy about seafood, but these tacos are delicious!


On another note, I have updated our dining room table with a new centerpiece. I got some inspiration from Pinterest, but used some things I had already laying around the house.


The coffee beans are from my favorite roast. (I bought the whole beans on accident a couple months ago. I don’t have a grinder.)


A very simple way to change things up just a little bit and it smells so good!

0119152121 (1)



The Living Room

I have finally added the finishing touches to the living room…at least for now.


I’ve already shared with you the wall of Ls, but now I’m unveiling the rest of the room. The walls are blue and our hand-me-down furniture is blue and brown. Jesse and I both love those colors, so we already had some things  to put in the living room that matched.


I also placed a lot of our wedding gifts in the living room because they’re so special to us.

We have this decorative tile that his mother gave us and a lamp that his grandparents shared with us. They hand-picked the shells from the beach themselves.


One of my bridesmaids and his cousin’s wife gave us these pictures that she took of us at one of our wedding showers. One of them is made up of lots of other pictures of Jesse and I.


The Willow Tree figurines were given to me by my grandmother and one of them was our wedding cake topper.


The centerpiece on the biggest wall is a canvas picture of us at our wedding. Neither one of us is very photogenic, so it’s a miracle that we got one photo where we were both smiling.


I can’t believe it took me this long to get the living room decorated, but I finally did it. Soon, I’ll be posting about the kitchen, which I’ve actually had decorated for a while.




This week I finished up a project that was several months in the making. I wanted the blank wall in the living room to be covered in Ls of all different styles and shapes. (I guess you could say I’m a little proud of my new last name.)

Our living room has light blue walls, but the furniture and some of the decor are a varying shades of brown. I’ve been hunting for Ls that have either blue or brown, but I’m not too particular because I’m hoping for a more shabby chic.


I have been collecting Ls since just before the wedding, but last week for my birthday my (very artistic) best friend made me a handful of them. I’m so happy to finally be covering up the empty wall!

I did have one L that didn’t make it to the wall. I painted this one at my bachelorette party at a local pottery painting shop. This one doesn’t exactly fit the same color scheme and it’s ceramic, so I’m looking for a safer spot to place this one.


Next week, I’ll be working on a new cake recipe with my Kitchenaid Mixer!


Guest Bedroom

A three bedroom house is more than enough room for this newly-wed couple, but we wanted the space. We are planning on having kids someday and we love having people over. Until we have little ones filling those extra rooms, we are using one of the extra rooms for all of his instruments (drum set, guitars, etc.). The other has been designated our guest bedroom.

I decided to keep this room neutral since our most frequent visitor is his younger brother. The walls were already painted tan and the previous owners had installed the laminate wood flooring before they sold the house, so I had a lot to work with.


DSC_0054 (1)

My mother-in-law gave us a small couch that has warm brown tones, but is also speckled with orange. It folds out into a full-sized bed, which is perfect for guests. Then, my husband’s step-mom gave us her bedroom furniture, which is a warm red-brown color with gold hardware that went well with the flooring. (I love hand-me-downs!)

I bought some sand-colored curtains, to even out the flooring and the furniture, then put together wall fixtures that had all different tones of brown with some orange and red.

DSC_0045 (2)

Then I had another lucky find. My friend’s mother was moving away and was desperate to get rid of her things. She gave me a wicker trunk that was the same color as the furniture (even with gold hardware). It serves as a kind of coffee table with some storage.


The room is simple and cozy and came together quickly with all of the second-hand furnishings. I want to thank anyone who gave us their secondhand house items. I love that our house is full of things from people who love us.



The Honeymoon is Over

It’s been almost three months since the wedding and I am just now getting rid of all the bits and pieces. Of course, I’ll be keeping some of the sentimental things (the dress, the guest book) in a keepsake box, but it’s a little sad to not see wedding things laying around like it was in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

But, I’m not getting rid of everything. I plan on recycling some of the decorations from the wedding and using them around the house. This week I used one of the main pieces from the wedding to decorate our room.


We used antique doors as an (untraditional) alter for the ceremony. I was in love with the doors at first sight and I couldn’t let go of them, so I picked my favorite one and put it against the blank wall in our bedroom. Then, I draped it with the wedding gift Jesse bought me, a quilt embroidered in my favorite color with our names and wedding date.

This project took very little effort to put together, but it means the world to me. It’s a perfect reminder of the day we became Mr. & Mrs.



Repurposed Bottles

Hello! I wanted to share some of my homemade decorations with y’all. Of course, they are Pinterest inspired, but I made some changes so that they would fit our home.

bottle inspiration

The above picture was the pin I found on Pinterest. This gave me an idea for a centerpiece in our kitchen. I wanted our bottles to be blue and yellow, though, since those are the dominant colors in the room.

This project was very cheap. We already had the bottles, so all I had to do was remove the labels with Goo-Gone, then wash them. I bought the ribbon and glass beads at Walmart and I had the burlap twine and paint from a previous project.

First, I picked out which bottles I wanted and how I wanted them arranged. I chose two bottles and a vase, all of different heights and widths so that there would be some depth.

I painted the tallest bottle blue with washable acrylic paint and let it dry while I worked on the other bottles.

Art Supplies

The second bottle I wanted to keep as simple as possible, since the bottle was so nice, so I just layered the colored ribbons, then added a twine bow.

For the little vase, which I placed front and center, I filled it with the various blue glass beads. I took a few pieces of twine and tied it in a knot around the vase.

After the bottle that I had painted dried, I glued some yellow ribbon to it for contrast. Next, I braided a few of the twine strands, then glued the braid to the ribbon. And here is how it turned out:

kitchen centerpiece

Simple, but effective.

I also used decorated bottles for the centerpieces in our wedding, but they were a little fancier. We used satin ribbon in the colors of the wedding (chocolate brown and lavender) along with some white lace. On top of all of that, we added broaches.

wedding centerpieces

I now keep the  bottle from our head table on a cabinet in our kitchen, along with our unity sand from the wedding. The glass we used for our unity sand was an old whiskey bottle. I painted the L on myself with some brown acrylic paint.

Wedding Bottles

Very simple project that can be easily personalized.

Next, I will be sharing one of my favorite comfort food recipes. In the meantime, feel free to give me some feedback or advice. Have a great week!