Bathroom Renovations Part I

One of the bathroom sinks was leaking into the kitchen.

I’m so glad we noticed before I repainted the bathroom. Jesse and his dad had to take out the sink, the vanity, and part of the wall behind it to repair the leak.


And things can never be as simple as they seem. Just when they thought they fixed it, they realized that one of the previous owners had hammered a nail for the paneling through a stud and through the pipe. Then the pipe cracked.


This leak had been many years in the making and we had no idea. The downside to home-ownership is having to use your own resources to fix anything that breaks. Out with the old…

…In with the new! On top of fixing the pipe, the Lane men replaced the vanity and faucet and installed my medicine cabinet. All it cost me was a few homemade meals.

Now that things are back in working order, I am ready to paint!



Things Are Looking Up

As always, when things get bad, they always get better.

Friday, I had my follow up appointment with my OB/GYN. She let me know that I am healthy and should have no problems having children. She believes that I miscarried because of a problem in DNA replication. The chances of that happening again are only 4 percent. Since I am healthy, she said we do not have to wait to start trying to get pregnant.

0425150858 (1)

This is the best news we could have gotten and we couldn’t be happier. We will let everyone know when we have Baby Lane on the way.



Granddad passed away this morning.

He got very sick last Thursday and was taken to the ER with suspected pneumonia. After evaluation, the doctor determined he had pneumonia, possibly a small heart attack, and very advanced dementia. He was not able to talk to us or feed himself at all. He had digressed so much and it was very hard to see him that way.

They transferred him to CICU, but realized over the weekend that he would never get well. He was moved to Palliative Care and taken off all support. He stopped responding to us at the beginning of the week and passed away peacefully this morning.

It has been the longest week of my life.

He was more than just a granddad. He and Grandma had a big hand in raising us. They taught us everything from how to tie our shoes to being successful in school. The most important thing he taught me was compassion for others. Even though he wasn’t always the easiest person to get along with, we always knew he would do anything for us.

Now we have to continue on without him, but I will never forget how much he cared.

10367604_770438036323916_8334859138761274931_n (1)


A Rough Patch in the Road

The past couple of weeks have not been the best.

It started with Jesse’s aunt passing away and the stomach bug. Then, as I thought things were going to smooth back out, my (very senile) granddad became combative and unmanageable.

My grandmother had to make the toughest decision of all to move him to a home where he can get the help he needs. He’s having a hard time adjusting because he has been very confused about everything for a while now, from the day of the week to who we are.

CSC_0209 (1)

As all of this was happening, Granddad’s dog, Belle, stopped eating. Belle was a stray who picked our house as her new home a few years ago. She forced herself into our lives, but was exactly what we needed.She quickly became the center of attention.

Grandma took her to the vet, who informed her that Belle had advanced kidney failure. Today, Belle wouldn’t get up, so we had to put her down. Even though we knew it was best that she didn’t suffer anymore, it was still very difficult to let her go.

Me and Belle

While all of this really sucks, I know I have to feel the emotions that go along with these things, then figure out where I go from here. Unfortunately, life cannot always be pure joy, and life most definitely cannot stay the same. We have experienced a few big changes recently and we will have to figure out how to live with these changes.

I will have to appreciate the time we had with Belle and spend more time with our dogs. I will also have to spend more time with Granddad, even when it’s difficult to see him this way. Most importantly, I will have to be there for my family members who are going through these same changes.

While times like these are trying, they are a great reminder to focus on the important things.


Viva Las Vegas

My in-laws took us along on their yearly vacation to Las Vegas!


We saw so much in our four days there and I tried to take as many pictures as possible, but pictures don’t do it justice.


We stayed on Fremont Street, but visited the Strip also for shopping and site-seeing. We got to see many of the famous hotels.

10625119_905487496152302_546840719586787001_n (1)

We took pictures, ate lunch, and watched the animatronic show at Caesar’s Palace.


We saw the flower exhibit and the water show at the Bellagio.


We played slot machines and had drinks at the Flamingo.


Jesse and I got to do a little bit of gambling for the first time and see the Fremont Street Experience.


Jesse’s step-dad, Greg, and I also did the Slotzilla Zoomline. The new zipline is 10 stories high and goes the length of the entire block. It was scary, but entirely worth it!

10676263_10204622749441995_4876973566328146701_n (1)

I can now check Vegas off my list of places I’ve never been, but plan on going back. The trip was a great way to end the year.

Now, on to 2015…I hope it was as great as last year!


Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. For one, we got engaged on Thanksgiving 2 years ago.


It is also at the top of my list for it’s simplicity. I love that all we do the entire day is see family and eat great food.

This year, we split up our celebrations. Our meal with my family was today and we will spend Thanksgiving day with his family. I got assigned sweet potatoes for both celebrations, though.

I rarely make sweet potatoes and wasn’t crazy about the recipe I was using before, so I started hunting for a new one. Thank goodness for Pinterest because I found a simple and sweet recipe right away.


I followed Jessica’s  recipe from Butter, with a side of Bread almost exactly, but I made a couple small changes. We chunked the potatoes with a fork, but then mashed them in the Kitchenaid Mixer. I also stirred the sauce into the sweet potatoes instead of using the sauce as a topping.

Pretty simple and easy to multiply for a big group, or two in my case.

Another perk of being married: Not only do I get to spend time with my crazy family on holidays, but I get to spend time with his too.


Guest Bedroom

A three bedroom house is more than enough room for this newly-wed couple, but we wanted the space. We are planning on having kids someday and we love having people over. Until we have little ones filling those extra rooms, we are using one of the extra rooms for all of his instruments (drum set, guitars, etc.). The other has been designated our guest bedroom.

I decided to keep this room neutral since our most frequent visitor is his younger brother. The walls were already painted tan and the previous owners had installed the laminate wood flooring before they sold the house, so I had a lot to work with.


DSC_0054 (1)

My mother-in-law gave us a small couch that has warm brown tones, but is also speckled with orange. It folds out into a full-sized bed, which is perfect for guests. Then, my husband’s step-mom gave us her bedroom furniture, which is a warm red-brown color with gold hardware that went well with the flooring. (I love hand-me-downs!)

I bought some sand-colored curtains, to even out the flooring and the furniture, then put together wall fixtures that had all different tones of brown with some orange and red.

DSC_0045 (2)

Then I had another lucky find. My friend’s mother was moving away and was desperate to get rid of her things. She gave me a wicker trunk that was the same color as the furniture (even with gold hardware). It serves as a kind of coffee table with some storage.


The room is simple and cozy and came together quickly with all of the second-hand furnishings. I want to thank anyone who gave us their secondhand house items. I love that our house is full of things from people who love us.