Things Are Looking Up

As always, when things get bad, they always get better.

Friday, I had my follow up appointment with my OB/GYN. She let me know that I am healthy and should have no problems having children. She believes that I miscarried because of a problem in DNA replication. The chances of that happening again are only 4 percent. Since I am healthy, she said we do not have to wait to start trying to get pregnant.

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This is the best news we could have gotten and we couldn’t be happier. We will let everyone know when we have Baby Lane on the way.



At a Loss

Friday, I miscarried our first pregnancy. We were only 5 weeks along and had only known we were pregnant for a week. I hate to share sad news, but I want everyone to know that Jesse and I have appreciated all of the love and support we have gotten the past few days. It has been a sad time for us, but we are hopeful that things will work out better in the future.