Insert Foot in Mouth

Let me share an embarrassing moment with you…

Yesterday, Jesse and I went out to eat in his truck. He was really tired from a rough day at work, so I drove us home. This is a rare occurrence for us because I hardly ever drive when we are together.

About a block away from our house, Jesse says, “Do you always drive like this?” I reply with, “What? You mean SAFELY?” He says I did a sassy head bob. (I’m not so sure about that.)

About a minute later, as I was pulling into the driveway, I swiped my Trailblazer.

Jesse’s reaction:


There was hardly any damage, but I was pretty upset. It wasn’t until we had time to get over it that we remembered I said that. That’s what I get for being “sassy.”



Our First Anniversary

Yesterday marks our first anniversary as a married couple. We made it through the dreaded “hardest year of our marriage.” If the urban legends are true and this was the hardest year of our marriage, then I’d say I’m in for a really easy marriage.


This year went much more smoothly than I expected. Not that I expected to be divorced or anything like that, but relationships seem to go bad more often than not nowadays.

The most important thing I have learned over this past year is something that I think will help me in our marriage in the long run. When things are down, we have to remember our ultimate goal: to build a life and a family , where we are both happy being ourselves together. 


A lot of times, the details of a situation can make the big picture blurry. Learning to keep focused on that goal has helped me to remain calm when things aren’t going the way I want or expect.

Let me put a disclaimer here, because there were several times that I did lose my cool. But, when I found my head again, remembering to keep the right perspective kept me from even considering giving up.


I know that our marriage will not always be as blissful as it was this past year, but I know that even through the worst years of our life, we can make it because we believe in the same goal.


Now to get past the sappy part, we went on a weekend trip to Cloudcroft, New Mexico for our anniversary. Cloudcroft is a small mountain town, full of character. We spent the weekend walking from shop to shop, eating (way too much) delicious food, and cuddled in the historic Cloudcroft Hotel. It was the perfect place to spend the weekend alone.


We left Cloudcroft just in time to beat the snow coming in, but there was snow waiting for us when we got home.


I’m happy not only to be celebrating a year with Jesse, but the best year of my life so far. I know that we will have bad years too, but I am hoping that we have even better years ahead of us.


Happy (early) anniversary!

Our first wedding anniversary is approaching. I can’t believe it’s already been a year.

To kick off the celebration a little early, Jesse gave me my present this weekend.


A 1950s wedding band and a 1960s art deco ring. He knows how to make me happy!

I don’t yet have words for the past year, but hopefully I will be able to make a post about all of that soon. In the mean time, we’re working on a home improvement project before our Thanksgiving guests arrive.


Choosing Jesse

One thing I’ve noticed about Jesse is that he is a combination of my favorite people. He seems to have traits that those who made a big impact on my life have too.

When I had this epiphany, it really made me think. Have I been subconsciously taking notes on what kind of people inspire me and push me to be my best? Or is it just coincidence?


Just some food for thought. Happy Friday!


Two Heads Are Better Than One

Being newlywed, I have so much to learn about marriage. I feel like I’m constantly learning and adjusting. My epiphany this week was that Jesse and I really keep each other in perspective. We are two people living one life together, bringing different experiences and personalities to each situation.

Perfect example: this week when I was getting upset about things that were going on, Jesse was clear-headed enough to talk me through it and make me realize that things weren’t as bad as they seemed and that they were inevitably going to work out.

I know that two mindsets could easily be a problem area for some relationships, but I think this is one of the best things about our married life.

For the mister and I, it seems like our lives are so much better now that we have each other to work through each situation, for better or worse. It’s really nice to know that I have someone who shares my goals with me and that we are helping each other get there.



My Weekend Without Him

Jesse went out of town this weekend on a “man trip.” It gave me an interesting perspective on marriage and how our relationship has changed in these (almost) 4 short months since our wedding.

Friday night I had a girls’ night with my best friend. It was so much fun just like it used to be when I was single. Then I spent yesterday relaxing and doing things I love to do (aka decorating and reading). I must say it was nice to have some time to myself.

Waking up today, I was almost miserable. Part of that was because I hate mornings, but also, I didn’t want to wait all day to see him. But I made myself get up and clean the house anyway, then I spent the afternoon shopping and talking with my sister, which turned my day around.

Even though I missed my other half, spending the weekend without him made me realize that I don’t spend enough one-on-one time with the girls who have been there for me since before I even knew Jesse. Going forward, I am going to change that.

It also made me realize that I should appreciate the time I spend with my husband while he is with me and not let our time together become a routine. I know that as husband and wife, our days together won’t always be special or magical, but I don’t want the everyday to make our relationship bland either.

This weekend made me to look at all of my relationships differently and has given me some goals to work toward to growing those relationships.

But for now, my husband will back any minute and I can’t wait to spend some time with him.



New Opportunities

Two weeks ago on Saturday my husband lost his job.

He had been working for an irrigation/contract company for over four years with no benefits and little pay. The owner of the company (with only a handful of employees) treated them all unfairly and overworked them. I’m not under-exaggerating. Some employees could show up to work drunk, but he would get put down for going to church and not cussing everyone out.

After an unexpected falling out, he was without a job for not putting up with all of it anymore.

We submitted countless applications and talked to everyone we could about getting him a new job. And thank goodness for West Texas’s fighting economy. There are so many job opportunities here.

Today, he had an interview with a telecommunications company and got the job. This will definitely be new for us, but we can only go up from where we were.

I’m so thankful for a husband who wants to work and has strong discipline. These two weeks would have been much more difficult if I wouldn’t have been so confident in him and our relationship.