My First Sewing Project

This weekend, I completed my first sewing project. I made a small zippered bag, as shown on Melly Sews. Since I was learning not only how to make the pouch, but also how to use my sewing machine, it took me more than 15 minutes…probably closer to 6 hours.


The most difficult thing was learning how to thread the needle on my sewing machine. Once I got that part down, the rest was pretty simple. Sewing is very tedious work, but not too extremely challenging.

Before I put together the pouch, I embroidered my initials onto one of the outer pieces of fabric. I have hand sewn before, but was pretty rusty. I used the backstitch and found an easy to follow diagram on Sublime Stitching.


Next, I sewed my zipper to my outer pieces of fabric. I did not have to adjust my zipper, since it was already 9 inches. Then, I sewed the zipper to the inner pieces of fabric, which would make up the lining of my bag. As you can tell, my lines were horribly crooked. I need some practice making straight lines.


When I topstitched the outer fabric to the zipper, I accidentally stitched into the zipper and had to undo those stitches. This caused my zipper to get stuck at the end of my project. After undoing those few stitches, I handstitched them so that I wouldn’t mess up the rest of that line.


I matched the outer pieces of fabric and the inner pieces of fabric to sew the bag together. While doing this part, the pouch is actually inside out. As the tutorial shows, you sew a border all the way around the fabric, leaving a small gap in the middle-bottom section of the inner fabric. This opening is used to turn the bag right side out. I forgot to take pictures of this part, but Melly’s blog has great photos and videos that explain it well.

The section that was left unsewn must be handstitched when the bag is right-side out. You can use a topstitch or a blindstitch to do this. I attempted the blindstitch for the first time and was pretty happy with the results. A blindstitch ensures that your stitch is not seen, hints the name.


And the finished product…


I really need to work on making my lines straighter, but overall I’m pretty pleased. This first project really taught me how little I know about sewing. There are so many different parts, needles, stitches, and terms that I had to look up as I worked. I definitely won’t get bored with this hobby anytime soon. Next, I’m wanting to make some headbands, similar to the trendy running headbands I’m seeing everywhere now. Hopefully, I can accomplish that in under 6 hours.



Turning Over a New Leaf

For my birthday, my sweet husband got me a never before used 1970 sewing machine.

It’s the same one my grandma still uses!

0412152010 (1)

For years, I’ve been planning on learning to sew and now I’ve decided to quit putting it off. I know the basics, such as cross-stitching and attaching a button. I would like to be able to make clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, etc.


Here are a few of the projects I would like to conquer:

Wish me luck!